Déjà Vu; Those who have experienced this feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn’t be familiar at all.

Launched in 2017 as a society for creative minds, health hunters, foodies and all in search of a bit of everything and anything, this site is a swiftly growing collective of eager beavers from all over.

If you love art, exercising, eating healthy, self-maintenance, trying new things or if it’s advice, a few tips & tricks, or just inspiration you are looking for, this site will definitely get you in your element!

I am no pro-blogger or know-it-all, I am simply writing about whatever it is happening in my life, situations I have to deal with and new things I explore and try on my journey. I like to read up about my topics beforehand, not only to get my ducks in a row, but also to use blogging as a learning experience not just for my readers, but for me too.

Back in 2016, at the very beginning of the festive season, I realised that I have a big problem. I had a lack of interest and commitment. I had a lack of interest in learning new things and I struggled to commit to things I set my mind to, things that excite me. I started thinking about all these things that I’ve always wanted to do and fortunately starting a blog was one of them. Then and there I decided to do it and commit! I specifically chose to start a blog, because I needed some kind of motivation to keep me on this commitment highway. Something that in a way forces me to read up and learn about things that are unknown to me and share it with whomever is willing to read and learn with me.

A bit about me…

I’m an original 90’s kid, currently looking forward to starting up my own little business and also starting a career in professional photography. I also have a passion for creating and designing. I want to use my creative juices towards something that matters, to me and the world. I crave to inspire others, not just by what I say or do, but also how I say or do it. I’m still young and want to spend as much time as possible discovering the world, my surroundings and myself, using this blog as a unique way to express myself and discover new possibilities.

I trust in God to carry me through each and every day, as He has in the past. He has strengthen me in all my troubled days and advised me with all my decisions. He is my Friend, my Savior, my Rock and He is part of my life and creator of this wonderful journey that lies ahead of me.


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