Tessellate Elevate.

Tessellate; to cover a plane or surface by repeated use of a single shape, without gaps or overlapping. 

Elevate; increase the level of something.


Me and my boyfriend have been vegetarian for about the last 3 months now and WOW, what an amazing experience it has been! During these months, we also did a lot of research on how to become more relaxed, stress free, and overall more positive. If you have been searching for answers too, you probably already know all about meditation.

One afternoon, we came across some YouTube videos explaining all bout the effects of meditation and how good it is for you, specially when practised daily. Then and there we got ourselves some 432hz music (why? – explained in the video link below), he laid down on the couch and I sat up, straight spine, crossed legs in front of the couch. When I opened my eyes I couldn’t believe that we’ve been meditating for 20 minutes already! It was probably the most peaceful space I’ve been in, in a long long time!


As a Christian, I never thought I would be meditating ever in my life. I just wasn’t raised that way, it was almost seen as something forbidden. That was until I saw this video;

As soon as I realised the power behind these five words, “I AM THAT, I AM,” and this method, it changed my whole view on meditation. It is probably one of the must do’s as a Christian. It brought me to the realisation that when saying these words, e.g. ‘I am good, I am,’ ‘I am fearless, I am,’ ‘I am strong, I am,’ it really isn’t trying to be God, it’s striving to be more like God. Striving to follow in His footsteps and striving to be as generous as God, asking Him to see the world through His eyes, looking at other people (family, friends and even strangers) through His loving eyes. Don’t feel like it’s just temporarily, it’s not! God is always with you, therefore you can always be good, fearless and strong. 

This is what I use, apart from being healthy, to elevate my spirit, my mood and my mind. Meditating every morning before I start my day and every evening before I end my day. It’s a way to wake up my body, concentrate on my presence and what I want to become and present to the world. It’s forms part of my time that I spend with God and with myself. Also it helps to relax your mind and ease your thoughts before falling asleep.

So why tessellate? Well, because this is something that I feel you can’t take shortcuts in, no gaps or overlapping! It is something that forms a pattern, which basically include all your daily deeds. When you start meditating, elevating, you start to tessellate your life.  You are now tying lose ends and eliminating negativity from your body, soul and mind.

Happy tessellating, much love. xx

via Daily Prompt: Elevate


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