Apple & Ginger Juice.

As a youngster apple juice was definitely one of my favourite, but as I grew up, I also grew tired of apple juice. The colour, the smell and the taste. Everything about it just put me off, until I was introduced to raw juices (to be further discussed in “Raw!” – still to be published).

Yesterday afternoon I surprisingly made thee most amazing apple juice ever! A sweet-sour sensation, created by a mixture of fresh green apple & ginger.

You Will Need



10  –  Green Apples (the colour really doesn’t matter)

1 Tsp  –  Ginger

1/2  –  Small Lemon or 1/4  –  Big/Average Lemon

3-4  –  Celery Sticks (with the leaves)


Fresh Mint (blend in afterwards, it doesn’t juice quite that well)

1 Hand  –  Baby Spinach

You Will Need To


1st  –  Wash all the ingredients.

2nd  –  Slice the apples into quarters and remove the seeds.

3rd  –  Peel the ginger pieces.

4th  –  I just cut off the ends on both sides of the lemon and leave on the skin.


5th  –  Make sure the celery sticks’ roots are removed.


6th  –  Juice It & Enjoy!


Let me know what you think about this recipe, much love. x



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