“Doin’ Me.”

This post was mostly inspired by a song called Doin’ Me by Mikey Mike. I simply love this artist due to his ability of using the right words to create the perfect metaphors.

Okay, so let’s just get things straight before I go any further. With all that will be said, NEVER be selfish. You should always strive to do things for others without expecting anything back and be thankful for that what you receive, because it’s hardly ever deserved.

The more I listen to this song the more it reminds me of all the influences there are out there, good and unfortunately bad too. We are all effected by these ideals that are set, specially us females. We look at someone prettier that us, skinnier, taller, shorter. These days we are focused on eyebrows, the thickness of lips, contouring, you name it! It’s ridiculous! You become jealous, mean, obsessed, hurt and eventually you are still stuck with the face you are born with and the body you were given to look after.

I feel like so many people, mostly women, become so focused on wanting to become and look more like the photoshopped models in our favourite magazines or Instagram accounts.



Everything you ever do to or for yourself, ONLY benefits and effects YOU! You can train and exercise as hard and as much as you want, eat as healthy as you want, but you will never look like that perfectly edited body in the photo!

That’s the beauty of it. We are all different.

My legs, butt, arms, stomach and eyebrows will never look like anyone in any photo, because it’s mine. The more I exercise and the healthier I eat, will only bring me closer to the best way my body can look. The harder I work, will only bring me closer to my own success. What you choose to do with that success, keep it for yourself or share it with others, depends only on what your heart looks like. If there is one thing you really can learn from this post, is that beauty truly starts from the inside. No mask can hide an ugly heart. The more righteous (the upright, in right standing with God)  you become, the more pure you become, and it shows, trust me.

As I said earlier, don’t do it all for yourself, but what you only can do for yourself, do that with pride and confidence, because it’s for you. So stop comparing yourself to others and start doing what you need to do to get where you want to be and look the best way you and your body can. Whether it’s weighing 50kg’s or 70kg’s, whether it is becoming a doorman or the lady at the library. GET THERE FOR YOU!


Remember, no matter what, always love yourself and do things to improve yourself, that will enable you to overwhelmingly give back to others.

Much love. x


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