Carrot & Beetroot Juice

I completely fell inlove with carrot juice after discovering it at our local supermarket. The beetroot I just simply like to add to enhance the colour, it makes EVERYTHING red, besides that, I also like the flavour it adds to the juice.

You Will Need


A bunch of carrots.

3-4  –  Raw Beetroot (the more you add the less carrots you will need, and the colour will also become more intense)

1/2  –  Small Lemon  or  1/4  –  Big/Average Lemon

1 Tsp  –  Ginger

2-3  –  Celery Sticks (preferably with the leaves)


 3-4  –  Apples (sliced in quarters and seeds removed)

Fresh Mint (I prefer to blend it in afterwards, for extra flavour)

A few slices of fresh cut pineapple, may also taste nice?

You Will Need To

1st  –  Wash all the ingredients.


2nd  –  Cut off both ends of the carrots, beetroot and lemon (I leave on the skin, it doesn’t really matter).

3rd  –  Peel the ginger pieces.

4th  –  Make sure the celery sticks’ roots are removed.

5th  –  Juice It & Enjoy!


I would love to know what your favourite juice is?! Comment below and let me know, much love. x



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